Chinese-martial-artsCHINESE KUNG-FU is as old as China itself. So vast are the systems of kung-fu that they need to be categorized by region. There are the “Northern Kicks,” the “Southern Fists,” the “Qin Na locks,” and the internal arts of Qigong and Taiji. These dynamic systems have stood the test of time.

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1st Western Five Ancestor Fist Conference

Historic South Shaolin Event! ** All-Day Seminars and Grand Banquet ** Saturday, July 15, 2017 (10:00am – 8:30 PM) Come out and join us for this HISTORIC 1st FIVE ANCESTOR FIST CONFERENCE in Blue Bell, PA on July 15, 2017. Experience for the first time ever,...

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Ci Sai – Ngo Cho’s Green Lion

By Daniel Kun and Henry Lo The discipline of Ngó Chó Kûn consists of many traditions, including the Ki Gun, which represents the fallen Míng dynasty. However, there are other that are rare, for example, Ci Sai or Green Lion (青狮), which originated from the art of Lam...

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How to Succeed in Tai Chi

By Yunrou Over the years, I have observed a few things about the difference between folks who succeed with tai chi (taiji) and the folks who don’t.  In this context, I define success as both finding what we are looking for in the art, and also being open to...

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