fitness-1FITNESS and exercises play a huge role in health, wellness and quality of life. It helps maintain joint function and keeps the muscles strong and the body pliable. Too often we live our lives in sedentary positions at a desk, in a car, on the sofa and do little to move our bodies, increase our endorphins, improve our blood flow and support our cardiovascular health. And when exercises is not central to life, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and pain take over and rule our lives.

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From Zero to Hero: Coach Kevin Kearns

Today, Coach Kevin Kearns is a role model for school kids and a top-rated MMA coach and world master fitness trainer. But this was hard won success. His early years were fraught with bullying. He was small and  not at all athletic. His father died at the time he...

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The Warrior’s Path to Whole Health

By Dr. Mark Wiley Health is more than the mere absence of disease. To truly be healthy one must be physically fit, limber, possess a full range of motion, be at a good weight, have strong cardio-vascular conditioning, possess a focused mind, be playful, and silent at...

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Discipline, Character, Hope…

By Coach Kevin Kearns No way you were that guy in the hood that sucked at everything.” My response … “That is correct and it’s the past.” Now I’m not going to say my childhood was all bad and I had it worse than any other kid. That is a matter of perspective. Most of...

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