Okin Jap buttons resizedJAPANESE & OKINAWAN martial arts span hundreds of years. These arts fall into two main traditions: Budo (martial ways) and Bujutsu (martial arts), with two of the most popular categories of arts being karate and aikido.

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Makiwara Sensei

by Garry Parker Editor's Note - Training in the martial arts is a very personal thing. Sure, most people begin in a group class, following along. But as the years pass and the "Martial Way" becomes part of us, we each find a path forward on our own time. One of the...

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The Spiritual Path of Budo and Zen [Video]

by Ken Jeremiah Studying the martial arts is a spiritual pursuit, but at the beginning, students rarely understand this. They see everything in black and white. There are no shades of grey. Techniques are nothing more than devise used to control or injure another, and...

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When I Met O-Sensei, the Founder of Aikido

by Walther von Krenner When I first met the founder of Aikido, Ueshiba Morihei (O-Sensei), he was 84 years old and he did not teach in Tokyo every day.  I remember entering his office, which has a small door reminiscent of those found on traditional teahouses, and...

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