Aikido’s Hidden Ground Techniques

(Instructional DVD)


Aikido Ground Fighting

About the DVD

28 Minutes * UPC: 191091493304 * Pub Date: August 15, 2017

Dr. Jose Andrade is Kyoshi, seventh dan Aikido and sixth dan Jujitsu. His style, Mukei No Ryu Aikido emphasizes effective, practical, self-defense, nonviolence, and Zen applicable to Aikido. For Tambuli Media he is co-performer on the DVD, Aikido’s Hidden Ground Techniques




David Nemeroff is the owner and chief instructor at Aikido Masters Self-Defense Academy in Whitehall, PA. Besides earning black belts in several martial arts styles, Shihan Nemeroff has been featured in magazines, television, and radio shows both nationally and internationally. With Tambuli Media, he is the author of Modern Masters of the Martial Arts and Aikido’s Hidden Ground Techniques


About the DVD

Do you want to have the edge in your ground grappling skills? Would you like to add an effective and unique approach to your ground defense techniques?  Find out more about the power of the Mukei No Ryu Aiki-newaza system in this exciting instructional DVD featuring Aikido’s lost ground techniques.

This DVD teaches many pragmatic and dynamic Aikido immobilization techniques for street defense and ground grappling, including: ikkyo, nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo, gokyo, and throws like shihonage, iriminage, kotegaeshi, koshinage, jujinage, kaitenage, sayuundo, tenbinage, tenchinage, kokyunage, and others.

These Aikido ground defenses are for street survival, and include positions such as the guard, top mount, half mount, rear mount, cross mount, and scarf hold.  Techniques such as escapes, reversals, techniques against armed attacks, leg and arm choke submissions, arm and leg locks, sacrifice throws and much more are demonstrated in real and slow motion.


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