lifestyleLIFESTYLE choices direct our wellness and quality of life. We live in a world ruled by deadlines and the ongoing need for more. The result is unhealthy stress levels, lack of sleep, anxiety, unclear thinking, and loss of joy. There is little time for developing ourselves, our minds, our bodies and our souls while engaged in the daily rat race.

TAMBULI MEDIA is a proud advocate for actionable content that can restore, improve and develop one’s quality of life. We believe this concerns the mind, body, and spirit. We hope to inspire you toward change with actionable advice for rejuvenating yourself, through inspirational stories, spiritual insights, and self-healing practices like qigong and meditation. Please browse our titles, read our blog, watch our videos, and share your favorite pages on social media.

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Harvard: Meditation Really Works!

By Dr. Mark Wiley Meditative practices were developed thousands of years ago, in countries like Tibet, China, and India. The various practices made their way West and eventually grabbed the interest of mind-body enthusiasts and psychologists. Today, there are enough...

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Overcoming Ego with Presence

By Kellie Bach For a long time, I misunderstood what the ego is.  At first, I thought it was the feeling of being superior to another.  Then I thought it was when I made myself right and others wrong.  I listened to a lot of talks by teachers describing attributes of...

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6 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Good

By Lauren Golen Feeling good is one of THE most important things.  It drives everything we do throughout the day from how we speak to others, how we do our work, how we treat others, how we eat, how we drive on the road, how we sleep or can’t sleep and so on. So you...

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